December 16: Yiddish Sing-Along in Ra'anana On Sunday, December 16, 2018, Shlomo Shavit will conduct an open sing-along evening in Yiddish...
December 29: Concert by Anatoly Lein in Herzliya On Saturday, December 29, 2018, singer Anatoly Lein will perform at the Yiddish lovers' club Zusammen...
2018 Jewish Canadian Literary Award Winners – Two Yiddish Books Published in Israel The Montreal Jewish Public Library have announced the winners of the 2018 J.I. Segal Awards,...
December 13: Ruth Levin Concert in Jerusalem On Thursday, December 13, 2018, actress & singer Ruth Levin will perform in Yiddish at...
December 3: Violin Concert in Hadera On Monday, December 3, 2018, violinist Chaya Livni will perform for the Hadera Yiddish Society. The...
November 29: Shmulik Nadel to Perform in Kiryat Gat On Thursday, November 29, 2018, the singer Shmulik Nadel will appear at the Yiddish lovers'...
October 16: Gershon Leizerson to Perform in Rishon LeZion On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, the singer Gershon Leizerson will perform at the Me Lacht Tzuzamen (Laughing...
July 9: A jubilee concert of Lifshitz's students in Tel Aviv On July 9, 2018, the Yiddish artistic singing workshop, founded by the late Nechama Lifshitz, will celebrate...
Ph.D. Dissertation on Avrom Goldfaden Supported by the Authority For four years running, the National Authority for Yiddish Culture has been granting fellowships to...
August 1: Film about Sutskever at Jerusalem Festival On August 1, 2018, the film "Black Honey, The Life and Poetry of Avraham Sutskever," directed...

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Ginnot Hayir community center: Emek Refayim St. 12. Phone: 054-6650183.

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Yiddish Club. Phone: 054-4418272.


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Zusammen /Together: Syrkin St. 17. Phones: 09-9511612, 052-3289243. 


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Regional Yiddish Club: Menachem Begin St., P.O.B 662. Phones: 09-8826332,054-5377729.


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Mame-Loshn / Mother Tongue: Malchei Israel St. 159. Phones: 08-6816898050-5491115.


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Yiddish Lovers' Club: Israel Shapira St. 2. Phone: 052-3363462.

Association for the Elderly: HaRishonim St. 14. Phone: 052-8728322



Yiddish Club at the Association for the Elderly. Phone: 050-3328525.


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Sav Center: Livne St. 2. Phone: 054-6318107.



Regional Yiddish Club: Ahimeir St. 9. Phones: 09-8826332, 054-5377729.  E-mail: leybl_botwinik@yahoo.com  



Golden Age Club: Opsterland St. 3. Phone: 09-7431614.


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Me Lacht Zusammen / Laughing Together: Abba Silver St. 2. Phone: 052-8397742.

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