Yiddish course on Duolingo A free Yiddish course for English speakers has been opened on the Duolingo website: ...
July 16 in Tel Aviv: an event about the Yiddish writer H. Leivik An event dedicated to the Yiddish writer H. Leivik will be held on Friday, July...
An antique Yiddish typewriter is donated to the Authority And what happens when a typewriter meets a classical orchestra? Classical music at its...
Notable Yiddish cultural figures born in April Max Weinreich (born April 22, 1894 in Goldingen, now Kuldiga, Latvia and died January 29,...
A wreath from the Authority on Holocaust Remembrance Day A representative of the National Authority for Yiddish Culture laid a memorial wreath at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem...
Notable Yiddish cultural figures born in March Shalom Aleichem (born as Sholem Yakov Rabinovich March 2, 1859, in Pereyaslav, now Ukraine, and died...
Tel Aviv paper publishes an article about a book by Kadia Molodowsky On April 3, 2020 the Tel Aviv "Haaretz" newspaper published an article about a book...
Coronavirus glossary from the Yiddish League coronavirus pandemic די קאָראָ֜נאַ־ווי֜רוס־פּאַנדעמיע [DI KORÓNA-VÍRUS-PANDÉMYE]containment zone די אײַ֜נהאַלט־<אײַ֜נצאַם־>זאָ֜נע, ־ס[DI ÁYNHALT-<ÁYNTSAM->ZÓNE, -S] cordon off אָ֜פּקאָרדאָני֜רן;...
Our events canceled due to epidemic  Because of the Corona epidemic, all our events are canceled or postponed till the dates...
Update on Yiddish academic studies in Toronto The University of Toronto, Canada offers undergraduate, M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Yiddish language, literature...
April 5: Chen Lachs to sing in Rechovot On Sunday, April 5, 2020, the singer Chen Lachs will perform in Yiddish at the...
March 31: Chaya Livni to play violin in Rishon LeZion On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, violinist Chaya Livni will perform at the Amcha club in Rishon LeZion,...
March 28: Concert by Anatoly Lein in Elkana On Saturday, March 28, 2020, the singer Anatoly Lein will perform at the Yiddish club...

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Yiddish Culture Society: Sholem-Aleichem St. 10. Phones: 02-672217402-6712218,    052-4462328

People's University: Betzalel St. 11. Phones: 02-5456866, 02-5456853

Ginnot Hayir community center: Emek Refayim St. 12. Phone: 054-6650183

Leyenkrayz / Reading Circle:  Moshe Aharon Tov St. 4/22. Phone: 050-4242127.  E-mail:


Tel Aviv

Mitchell House: Mandelstam St. 12. Phones: 03-5465457, 03-6058395

Syrkin Club: Arlozorov St. 101. Phones: 054-4888387 03-6990532, 077-2097526

Arbeter Ring / Workmen's Circle: Kalisher St. 48. Phone: 03-5176764



Hecht House: HaNassi St. 142. Phone: 054-7466104

Nagler House: Ben-Tzvi Ave. 14, Kiryat Hayim. Phones: 04-8724694, 054-6528265


Alon Shvut

Gush Etzion community center (Matnas) in Alon Shvut. Phone: 02-9937999



"Kadima" club: Abba Hilel Silver St. 11. Phones: 08-8560119, 054-8482859



Waldenberg community center (Matnas): Yaakov Goder St. 15. Phone: 052-3706091



Yiddish Club: Talpiyot St. 3. Phone: 050-4744477


Eyn Vered

Yiddish Club. Phone: 054-4418272


Gan Sorek

The Moshav Club. Phone: 050-8863141



Yiddish Society: Sheshet Hayamim St. 20. Phones: 04-6226943, 054-5870032 



Zusammen /Together: Syrkin St. 17. Phones: 09-9511612, 052-3289243 


Kfar Yona

Regional Yiddish Club: Menachem Begin St., P.O.B 662. Phones: 09-8826332,054-5377729


Kiryat Gat

Mame-Loshn / Mother Tongue: Malchei Israel St. 159. Phones: 08-6816898050-5491115


Migdal HaEmeq

Yiddish Lovers' Club: Israel Shapira St. 2. Phone: 052-3363462

Association for the Elderly: HaRishonim St. 14. Phone: 052-8728322



Yiddish Club at the Association for the Elderly. Phone: 050-3328525


Nazerat Illit

Sav Center: Livne St. 2. Phone: 054-6318107



Regional Yiddish Club: Ahimeir St. 9. Phones: 09-8826332, 054-5377729.  E-mail:  



Culture Club: Hagana St. 114. Phone: 09-7431614


Rishon LeZion

Me Lacht Zusammen / Laughing Together: Abba Silver St. 2. Phone: 052-8397742

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