December 16: Yiddish Sing-Along in Ra'anana On Sunday, December 16, 2018, Shlomo Shavit will conduct an open sing-along evening in Yiddish...
December 29: Concert by Anatoly Lein in Herzliya On Saturday, December 29, 2018, singer Anatoly Lein will perform at the Yiddish lovers' club Zusammen...
2018 Jewish Canadian Literary Award Winners – Two Yiddish Books Published in Israel The Montreal Jewish Public Library have announced the winners of the 2018 J.I. Segal Awards,...
December 13: Ruth Levin Concert in Jerusalem On Thursday, December 13, 2018, actress & singer Ruth Levin will perform in Yiddish at...
December 3: Violin Concert in Hadera On Monday, December 3, 2018, violinist Chaya Livni will perform for the Hadera Yiddish Society. The...
November 29: Shmulik Nadel to Perform in Kiryat Gat On Thursday, November 29, 2018, the singer Shmulik Nadel will appear at the Yiddish lovers'...
October 16: Gershon Leizerson to Perform in Rishon LeZion On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, the singer Gershon Leizerson will perform at the Me Lacht Tzuzamen (Laughing...
July 9: A jubilee concert of Lifshitz's students in Tel Aviv On July 9, 2018, the Yiddish artistic singing workshop, founded by the late Nechama Lifshitz, will celebrate...
Ph.D. Dissertation on Avrom Goldfaden Supported by the Authority For four years running, the National Authority for Yiddish Culture has been granting fellowships to...
August 1: Film about Sutskever at Jerusalem Festival On August 1, 2018, the film "Black Honey, The Life and Poetry of Avraham Sutskever," directed...

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Yiddish language and literature are taught in non-academic frameworks in dozens of locations around the world. Below is a list of institutions in alphabetical order of their countries, according to our current records.

If there are institutions with Yiddish studies which are not included here, or if you have found any inaccuracies, please e-mail us: yiddish@yidreshut.co.il




People's University, Bezalel St. 11, 02-5456867, 052-3766467, amamit@jerusalem.muni.il

Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council'Ir Community Council, Beit Yehudit, Emek Refaim St. 12, 03-5664144, https://www.ginothair.org.il/index.php?dir=site&page=articles&op=item&cs=937

Yiddish Ort at the Leo Baeck Institute, Bustenai St. 33, 052-6777546

Yiddish Circle at Makor Baruch neighborhood, She'arey Tzedek St. 3, 02-6251019

Yiddish Reading Circle at Niborsky family house, Binyamin St. 13, 02-5667962

Tel Aviv 

Sholom Aleichem House, Berkovich St. 2, 03-6956513, sholemal@zahav.net.il

Leyvik House, Dov Hoz St. 30, 03-5231830, LeyvikMail@gmail.com

Levinsky College of Education, Shoshana Persitz St. 15, 03-6901690, 03-6902444

Beyt haLochem, Afeka neighborhood, Shmu'el Barkay St. 49, 03-6461642

School of Jewish Peoplehood at the Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Klausner St. 15, 03-7457908, rivka@bh.org.il

Haifa & Krayot

Beit Hecht Cultural Center, Hanassi St. 142, 054-7466104, 04-8385276

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Hanassi St. 89, 04-9115986

Yiddish events in Kiryat Hayim, Beit Nagler, 04-8724694

Lectures about Yiddish in Kiryat Byalik, Dafna St. 52, 050-8767444

Yiddish circle in Kiryat Motzkin, 052-8513320

Bat Yam

Kinneret Club, Kinneret St. 6, 03-6581110


Beyt Oleh, Sheshet haYamim St. 20, 04-6226943


Pensioners' House, Sirkin St. 6, 09-9541086

60 on the Sea Club, King David St. 128, 052-6038130, 054-5543131

Yabur Community Center (Matnas), Ben Sruk St. 12, 09-9543574


Hankin College, Hankin St. 109, 03-5590021

Kfar Saba

Beit Reizl, Ge'ula St. 12, 09-7649303

Kiryat Gat

Malkei Israel St. 183, 08-6883713

Kiryat Ono

Katedra Amamit, Tzahal St. 104, 03-6939314

Kiryat Tiv'on

Shalhevet Center, Oranim St. 27, 04-9830748


Yad L'banim Center, 04-9828501, 04-9575715

Gil'ad 3 - Marina Club, 03-6930197

Nes Ziyona

Beit Amit, Ben Gurion St. 9, 08-9380470


Katedra Amamit, 09-8614799

Petah Tikva

Olamot Community Center, Shlezinger St. 10, 03-9233280

Pensioners' Center, Smilianski St. 4a, 03-9317832

Avraham Shapira House, Herzl St. 20, 03-9052350


Pensioners' Center, Hagana St. 114, 09-7431614

Ramat HaSharon

Malinov House, Bialik St. 21, 03-5493236


Katedra Amamit, Giborey Yisrael St. 2, 08-9390390

Beyt Oleh, Binyamina St. 4, 052-6436604

Rishon Lezion

Municipal Katedra, Jabotinsky St. 16, 03-9500637, 03-9642269, katedra1@hironit.co.il

WWII Veterans' Club, Oley haGardom St. 30, 052-6436604

Rosh Pinna

Yiddish Reading Circle, HaRakefet St. 61, 052-4660389, ishay1307@gmail.com



Yivo Chapter, Buenos Aires


Yiddish Oz, Melbourne

Kadima Jewish Cultural Center and National Library, Elsternwick


The Yiddish Vinkl, Toronto


Cercle Bernard Lazare, Paris

Centre Medem, Arbeter Ring, Paris

Luft Teater, Strasbourg


Volkshochschule in Hamburg

Jiddisch in Dresden

Courses in Weimar


Vilnius Yiddish Institute


Courses in Amsterdam


Yiddish Land cultural center, Warsaw


Yiddish Center, Moscow


Föreningen Jiddischkultur i Göteborg, Gothenburg

United Kingdom

Spiro Ark, London


Sholem Aleichem School & Cultural Center, Bronx, New York

Yiddish Farm Education Center, Goshen, New York State

Boston Workmen's Circle Center for Social Justice and Jewish Culture, Boston

Chicago YIVO Society

Yiddishkayt, Los Angeles


Online courses


Yiddish Book Center

The Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture

Jewish Educational Center"Crescas" for the Preservation of the Jewish Cultural Heritage